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February bouquet that I received. 

Anyhoo, my initial plans for bouquet was to order the one together with Nawwarah Bridal but somehow there was a Feb promotion by CHERRIESMITTEN! 

So.. Told my dearest girls about it & my dearest GF decided to sponsor myself as well as my other gf who happens to be the owner of one of the wordpress wedding blog.

Emailed them a month back and in order to book their services, they require 50% deposit ! 
Alhamdulillah, am so thankful to my friend for helping to ease my wedding burden ๐Ÿ™‚ May Allah swt bless your kind souls! Thank you dear! 

Loving this one above btw ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ

Initially I also thought of using my engagement pearl brooch boqueut but dah ada rezeki ni, Alhamdulillah ๐Ÿ™‚ 

My darling gf a BTB in May had also wanted to help me do a bouquet. She has no background in this industry at all. And she tried doing her own bouquet for her wedding by practising for her bro’s wedding last weekend. Not bad kan! She did the boutonneire as well as she had learned how to do it during the WTB Diary tea session!   



Mad love for the back please!

So soft and feminine gitu





 Been saving all kinds of designs of wedding dresses! & initially both myself and fiance didn’t have any plans to tailor made our nikah outfits but with this promo… We have decided to jump on the bandwagon of having a tailormade nikah outfit for keepsake purposes! Hehe.

As you all know, we have already booked our bridal and it’s 3 customised outfits. Enquired with my mak andam on the amt she will deduct for 1 outfit and we decided to go ahead and take up the RN promo! Worth the additional top up $$$ because we will get to keep the outfits! In order to get the promo, full payment has to be made. Liased with syazwan & he’s very patient in answering my queueries. I’m still not too sure if i want to spend an extra $59 for the customised headscarf or veil.

I’d to check if this promo allows this kinda style for the groom as beau wants exactly like this: 

& when we got the news that yes this design is considered in the package, apa lagi.. BOOK AH:) ! 

The only thing is we might spend extra $xxx to change the materials since the material provided for the groom is matte satin while we probably wants ducchess satin which has nicer flow. Technically, same material same style like the one Hairul is wearing above. 

As for heavy beadings it is also additional $$$ as the package includes basic embellishments. 

For you, I know, confirm you will want to add additional embellishments. Confirm.(Mr fiance, 2017) HAHAAH fikir APA format ke nak kena ada citations. 

This promo is valid for those getting married in 2015-2017! And for those who are interested do quickly get back to them! Syazwan told me that RN is gonna close this promo soon as he just contacted syazwan frm KL! So quick quick grab it:)

 Basic embellishments are like the ones above.    
 Sample of the groom outfit.   


  So go ahead and grab it girls! ๐Ÿ™‚  


We took quite a no of quotations from various photo&video companies and from there we streamlined our choices. 
During the recent expo trip we had taken a look at this company as well. They’re also collaborating with d/e/m/u/r/eweddings. 

Videography is a no/no from the fiancรฉ cos one of the videos shown, apparently fiancรฉ could spot the camera’s head or something abt the camera. He is that observant and particular about videography but the photography is not too bad(their prices are affordable!).Which is why he emphasizes on cinematic videos since he loves videos that can tell a story. 

By the way,they also collaborated with f/a/b/u/lens and I’ve had wonderful experiences with f/a/b/ulens services! Plus now they have cute credit card size photos avail & the prices during expo were so affordable in my opinion! But since SMR will be throwing in photobooth package for us, Alhamdulillah, and the two of us are not fussy about it, asalkan ada, so we both decided not to engage it.
Come, let me share with you some quotations that I received:

Photo & video by r/e/e/l/w/erkz production Photobooth: F/a/bulens 



  During the expo trip we also talked to o/n/c/e/u/p/onimages. We super love their services & their works esp the drones cos beau loves it haha. Affordable pricing also ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Omg MAD love for their pictures but the prices are ridiculously high! Their booth was together with f/a/t/i/m/ahmohsin as they’re collaborating together. You can also get them even if you’re not taking the andaman services. But the person liasing with us couldnt answer our queries that much because if i am not mistaken their spokesperson for the company wasnt there. 

Overbudget, too expensive but amazingly nice videos! Suka sangat-sangat!


F/l/a/shed studio.


Super love how there’s 2 photographers and they’re not particular about the no. of hours! And for those who wants a female photographer they do have as well:) you can check out her works @roslinasazali on ig! 



Mad love for their works! Super lawa!! 

Their works are absolutely amazing as well for photography! 



Kak airon’s service is super good and she’s really efficient ๐Ÿ˜‰ hint-hint!

Seen her in action during my recent bf wedding and I love it ! Really friendly lady. They have fudge as well and my other friend got her as well. 

I initially thought we would get them but mr fiance didn’t want a basic videography kan, so plan cancelled.

So there you go, some quotations from the various vendors ๐Ÿ™‚ Do take note that there might be changes to the pricing so do email the various vendors.

Anyways, I just talked to my relative who will be getting married as well and she took A/a/tphotography! She said they’ll get crystallised finish photos and there’s diamonds which are swarovski crsytals omg! And best of all it’s even better quality than the ones offered by E/s/a weddings that she and her fiance asked for refund from E/s/a! This really got me excited because now I am thinking about getting them as well! But still keeping my E/s/a weddings package of course ๐Ÿ™‚

But, we already took the photography package together  with the bridal. I’ve emailed a/atphotography though and they’ve invited me to come down to their boutique for an appointment. Let’s wait and see if beau and I decided to go for the appointment or not ๐Ÿ™‚  


When you plan a wedding, it is crucial to priotise the needs/elements that are important to both you and your partner. I did blogged about both myself and mr fiancรฉ important key elements in the previous blog but since it’s locked and will only be for myself, him and some invited readers, let me share a super duper short summary of the key elements for our wedding.

We prioritise on : 

  1. Catering (Good yummy food with a wide range of varieties is a must! Good services too!)
  2. Bridal (Cos hey, for a wedding, the most important people is the bride & groom! So we have to look good!) 
  3. Photo & video (Splurge a little for good quality photos and videos that we love. We learned from our prev mistakes. Lessons learned in the hard way)
  4. Decor (simple pleasing decor to the eyes. As long as there’s no holes and what’s nots, it will be a-okay)
  5. Location (Ample space, ample parking, easy to get to) 
  6. Wedding invites (Not fussy about this. Simple poster style would be great!SMR has a few templates already) 
  7. Doorgifts. (Not fussy about this. Fmil wants additional berkats so she will purchase extra for her side. As for my side, my parents are ok with the food berkats that will be given by SMR)
  8. Entertainments (We love the idea of having a live band but our package already has DJ/Karaoke entertainment and the thing about SMR is that there is no reduction in prices. It could only be changed to food instead. As for Malay dance, beau’s mummy was thinking about it. Maybe I’ll probably get the group that my students are in or the one my friend’s in or maybe NTU malay dance cn?)

Anyway here’s some cute ideas of wedding invites for those who will be customising your own invites :

Invitation cards

For those who are curious in the kind of invitation cards that is included in the package by SMR. Beau and I met up with Zulamin for a quick chat & snapped this during the recent expo. 

Simple and nothing fancy, we’ll make do with it. As much as both of us and both our mummies are in love with all those unique and pretty wedding invites, our daddies felt that there is no point since people will end up throw it away. 

So for both bride & groom, we’re able to have 2 diff separate designs. I hope i can give some inputs on the designs. I want those botanical floral theme please. Or maybe something cute cartoon designs or probably those watercolour paint theme OR MAYBE just something simple and clean cut hahaha. If we are able to design it ourselves then I’ll probably want to create such designs ๐Ÿ™‚

#weddingprioritiesseries2.videography #trustinHIM

& with that, #videographychecked! 

Both beau & I have streamlined the different vendors that we both love for our big day. And we have come to a conclusion that we will be getting r/e/drape projects for our big day, In Shaa Allah. 

Finally replied to their email on wednesday & set an appointment with them. We managed to get a slot on the same week and they were really fast in getting back to us! Most importantly, their place were super near to us as well! BEST. 

Beau even made a passing remark about how he loved that all of the vendors we have met are within our area @ the West side and not at the East! Alhamdulillah! 

We had a quick dinner after work & beau was saying if we can just come down and signed straightaway since we already take a look at the packages offered and made our decision! Haha but of course, we still have to listen to their conversation kan???

We were greeted by Rahim when we arrived & Nurul went through the packages with us.  Nurul then showed us their portfolio and we watched a few videos. Definitely am in love with their works! 

It’s good to prepare questions beforehand and have a rough idea of how your wedding will be like. 

  • 1 day event? 
  • Nikah timing? 
  • Combined / separate wedding? 

Based on all of these, Nurul told us that we can take the elegant 2.0 package. But, some clients want the interview section and thus would be taking the lush package. 


This is the quotation package we’ve received somewhere in July this year but on the day we were there, Nurul showed us the revised package. Prices are still the same except for the length of the full video and the no of hours for the lush package. 

For the lush 2.0 video package that nurul showed us this October, instead of 45 min it has changed to 30 mins for full video. The reason being is that 45 mins is too draggy and they want people to not get bored while watching the video. Hence, it is now at 30 mins. 

 So afterwards, we made our booking and sealed the deal. Another couple came over at 9pm but we were still going through the invoices and beau had some questions that he had in mind such as “Dyou have drones? Can we use it?” HAHA. What i love is the fact that despite making the booking already, Nurul did not rushed us to leave although there was another client waiting. Her husband, ayim, the videographer mingled with the other clients while we continued our discussions which also included about lesson plans and work as well as the pay increment for civil servants (that sadly, doesn’t apply to me because i’m still relatively new in the service. Haish. 4% is alot please. Tkpe la, no rezeki). This happens when you have two educators together! 

We took the post wedding interview option but we would most definitely want them to follow us for our outdoor shoot. In fact, as we also have pre/post wedding photoshoot with Esa weddings, they’re able to follow us as well. It would be for 2 hrs! & the good news is, they won’t be charging us extra should they follow us in to JB! But, should we decide to go to Melaka etc that is relatively far away, additional hourly charges still applies!

Anyways, we both walked off from their place with  sense of contentment. We are both absolutely confident that they can deliver their works as promised. Super excited please! Can we fast forward to 2017 already?! 

& most importantly, we trust Allah’s plans because not only I walked away with the dream videography vendor, but I now have a tutee! Alhamdulillah!  I was just thinking about doing private tuition on that day and Allah brought me to mine:) Literally left their place feeling so happy. #syukuralhamdulillah



We made our way to P/e/ti/Solek recently for our bridal appointment and lady boss y.a.n.a went through the packages with us. She told us that as our wedding will be a one day event it’s best to have 1 bridal vendor but if we do wants 2 vendors; its best to have a separate vendor for both nikah and sanding. 

That is the initial plan for both beau and I to have 2 diff vendors for nikah and sanding. We have been loving PS since like forever! My colleague had them when they first started out as y/aya was her relative & another NIE mate as well. Loved love their makeups and looks! 

So anyways if we only wanted them for nikah (6hrs)  this is the charges: 


We would need an additional top up of $60 for makeup as it will be done before 9am & most likely another $450 max (worst case scenario) for the R.D des. pieces. And for both beau and I we didn’t mind paying that extra money and going a little overbudget on bridal because it’s our dream vendor. The only thing holding us back is the fact that both MUA that i wanted is no longer available on my date ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”  both of us felt so bummed having to let go of them. But changing our dates is not feasible since we have booked our caterer & made the deposit of $5k. Oh wellies. 

I really love Q/e/e makeup as well as Y/a/y/a so not having them available on my wedding date kinda makes me feel a little sad. Yes the junior MUA is available but I prefer both senior MUA touch. Not saying that they’re bad, theirs is nice as well, it’s just my preferred choice. Since i’m one who has a preference for the MUA and the reasonably good reason to have 2 different bridal vendors since ours is a 1 Day event, it would be wanting to have my dream MUA. But, no dream MUA = Fiancรฉ don’t find it worth it at all. He doesn’t mind though if I still wants to get PS. Haha. 

We both draft out an email saying that there’s a change in mind,we would like to engage their services last two days but when it eas time to hit send, my heart just wasn’t in it. Drama much? HAHA. But it’s ok… 

Oh wells. PS has been both of our bridal dream vendor for the two of us. We know we wanted them but we also wanted Tasha as well and thus the idea of having both as our bridal vendors came about. 

Tasha used to be from A/nggun before she decided to open up her own bridal company. She’d told me before when I booked her for my engagement last year about her plans and right after booking my caterer and confirming the date, I had already told her about it and she apparently soft booked it for me ๐Ÿ™‚

So i guess, we are sticking to 1 vendor which we both love as well because as much as we want the best of both world, Allah is the best planner. Trust HIS plans:)