Alhamdulillah, today marks our 1st wedding monthsary. Still thinking if I should continue blogging about it or not since I have been on hiatus from blogging.



I haven’t been blogging in awhile because I haven’t had the time to do so and hasn’t really been in the pink of health. Like really trulyπŸ˜·πŸ€’.

I’ve totally lost my voice and yet fever’s been going up and down as well. Don’t know why but had chest pain ever since Tues while I was scolding some kids with my already non-existent voice πŸ˜…. 
Will definitely be on hiatus for some time since my exams are coming up in May too. Absolutely worried for it because my current unisim tutor does not upload his ppt slides nor the classroom recordings. Plus, I have been skipping most of the lessons as I wasn’t well and was on MC. 

πŸ˜” totally missed and skipped one of the quizzes because I didn’t realised about it. Sighs. My assignments were also not really well done to me. Oh wells. 😦

Till I meet you all again probably end May with more wedding updates πŸ’•

Ps: updated thelist already! 


Mad love for the back please!

So soft and feminine gitu





 Been saving all kinds of designs of wedding dresses! & initially both myself and fiance didn’t have any plans to tailor made our nikah outfits but with this promo… We have decided to jump on the bandwagon of having a tailormade nikah outfit for keepsake purposes! Hehe.

As you all know, we have already booked our bridal and it’s 3 customised outfits. Enquired with my mak andam on the amt she will deduct for 1 outfit and we decided to go ahead and take up the RN promo! Worth the additional top up $$$ because we will get to keep the outfits! In order to get the promo, full payment has to be made. Liased with syazwan & he’s very patient in answering my queueries. I’m still not too sure if i want to spend an extra $59 for the customised headscarf or veil.

I’d to check if this promo allows this kinda style for the groom as beau wants exactly like this: 

& when we got the news that yes this design is considered in the package, apa lagi.. BOOK AH:) ! 

The only thing is we might spend extra $xxx to change the materials since the material provided for the groom is matte satin while we probably wants ducchess satin which has nicer flow. Technically, same material same style like the one Hairul is wearing above. 

As for heavy beadings it is also additional $$$ as the package includes basic embellishments. 

For you, I know, confirm you will want to add additional embellishments. Confirm.(Mr fiance, 2017) HAHAAH fikir APA format ke nak kena ada citations. 

This promo is valid for those getting married in 2015-2017! And for those who are interested do quickly get back to them! Syazwan told me that RN is gonna close this promo soon as he just contacted syazwan frm KL! So quick quick grab it:)

 Basic embellishments are like the ones above.    
 Sample of the groom outfit.   


  So go ahead and grab it girls! πŸ™‚  



We made our way to P/e/ti/Solek recently for our bridal appointment and lady boss y.a.n.a went through the packages with us. She told us that as our wedding will be a one day event it’s best to have 1 bridal vendor but if we do wants 2 vendors; its best to have a separate vendor for both nikah and sanding. 

That is the initial plan for both beau and I to have 2 diff vendors for nikah and sanding. We have been loving PS since like forever! My colleague had them when they first started out as y/aya was her relative & another NIE mate as well. Loved love their makeups and looks! 

So anyways if we only wanted them for nikah (6hrs)  this is the charges: 


We would need an additional top up of $60 for makeup as it will be done before 9am & most likely another $450 max (worst case scenario) for the R.D des. pieces. And for both beau and I we didn’t mind paying that extra money and going a little overbudget on bridal because it’s our dream vendor. The only thing holding us back is the fact that both MUA that i wanted is no longer available on my date πŸ˜”πŸ˜”  both of us felt so bummed having to let go of them. But changing our dates is not feasible since we have booked our caterer & made the deposit of $5k. Oh wellies. 

I really love Q/e/e makeup as well as Y/a/y/a so not having them available on my wedding date kinda makes me feel a little sad. Yes the junior MUA is available but I prefer both senior MUA touch. Not saying that they’re bad, theirs is nice as well, it’s just my preferred choice. Since i’m one who has a preference for the MUA and the reasonably good reason to have 2 different bridal vendors since ours is a 1 Day event, it would be wanting to have my dream MUA. But, no dream MUA = FiancΓ© don’t find it worth it at all. He doesn’t mind though if I still wants to get PS. Haha. 

We both draft out an email saying that there’s a change in mind,we would like to engage their services last two days but when it eas time to hit send, my heart just wasn’t in it. Drama much? HAHA. But it’s ok… 

Oh wells. PS has been both of our bridal dream vendor for the two of us. We know we wanted them but we also wanted Tasha as well and thus the idea of having both as our bridal vendors came about. 

Tasha used to be from A/nggun before she decided to open up her own bridal company. She’d told me before when I booked her for my engagement last year about her plans and right after booking my caterer and confirming the date, I had already told her about it and she apparently soft booked it for me πŸ™‚

So i guess, we are sticking to 1 vendor which we both love as well because as much as we want the best of both world, Allah is the best planner. Trust HIS plans:)



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I love love massages & spa. I think this is due to the fact that my mummy always bring me along to her massages session / spa session. I remembered my first proper spa session was when I was 13 years old and she brought me for a whole facial & massage + body scrub at the mall near my place.
From then on, I look forward to many other facial / spa sessions. Sometimes, my mummy will get the in house masseuse as well. I love it too since I’ll get a massage within the comfort of my own home πŸ™‚

Anyways, I had a short getaway with my dearest colleagues and Kak A brought us to her all time fav spa. She has recommended it to me many times but since I’m with my family during the previous batam trips, I followed them to whichever spa that they went to. 

Bt this is the one of the good spas here in Batam that is in comparison to the ones I went in SG. One of the best that I’ve been to so far in Batam!

The spa that I am talking abt is Martha Tilaar Spa located at Nagoya:) 

Cleanliness & hygiene is their top most priority. Best of all each room comes with their own bath tub while couple room comes with a jacuzzi. I’ve been to a few spas and some doesn’t have a bathtub in the room so after scrubbing, there is a need to go next door to the toilet showering area. And some dont allow showering in the bath tub heh. Quite paiseyh cos despite the fact that there won’t be anyone and just the other masseuse around, like you know, still so paiseyh since we only have a piece of towel/kain batik tengah berkemban kann..

Bookings were made a week in advance via FB & best of all, they answered our queries really fast πŸ™‚ 


So before you start, you will be seated here and they will let you smell the different scrubs or herbs they used. Most of us took the Delima scented one because it’s super duper nice !! Btw they have a hair treatment saloon also. Esp for hijabis, this is super good & advisable for all of u :))) For the whole session of spa & hair treatment = 4.5hrs

 Walked up the stairs to another holding area for customers & was served lemongrass tea / ginger tea; your choice. 

All of us took separate individual rooms so here’s mine πŸ™‚ 

At the end of my whole spa session while I was in the bathtub tengah berendam for my milk bath.. 

The masseuse took abt 3 mins to strip that whole head massage towel area to a brand new piece which is good cos some spas don’t change it at all! 

Sauna’s located in the room too πŸ™‚ after the scrub, bathe, sauna then massage & milk bath.

Most of us took the milk bath while F & Kak A took the rempah one. 
At the end of it, we were given body lotion and body mist as well.

Martha tilaar spa is definitely highly recommended. The setbacks that most of us felt were at a certain time before the milk bath, it was super cold when the slather their treatment on us. Usually for some other spas, their bed had those warming properties or they have a good kain blanket thingy for us. But for Martha tilaar they don’t have it & we were only wrapped in a piece of towel. Nevertheless, the aircon was able to be adjusted since it’s not the fixed kind so yay fr that πŸ™‚

The only thing is for my spas that I frequent both in town and Citispa which is near my place, they have a corner of hairdryer combs etc. But here they don’t.. So for those who wore hijab they had to take the extra time to dry their hair. 

Overall, we are highly satisfied with the services & the next time we are here we would like to try the secret spa ! We made friends with this 2 other makciks while waiting for our turn and they’re from spore too. They told us that the secret is way better so next batam trip.. Gonna try it ;))

On a side note, the prices are without tax so here are the prices that I’ve snapped. Please bear in mind that this prices were taken on 10 June 2015 so there might be changes.

They also do offer packages such as 2D1N which includes accommodation too & even bridal & honeymoon packages :))

This is only applicable for kids below 7/6 years old I can’t recall πŸ™‚

Mine is the Dewi Sri body bliss peach Delima & after tax it was about 650 000 RP. Without tax it’s at 588 000 RP.
I had also been to Eskaspa which is next o Martha tilaar with my family. Here at Eska there is a male masseuse. Personally, I prefer Martha Tilaar:) 

Eska spa:

Here’s the price list! 


Btw i have another 10 sessions of citispas and i am thinking of selling it off, if anyone is interested for their facials etc!


The malay dance instructor at my work place will be tying the knot this November and I have been noticing for awhile that she’s now looking more radiant, fairer and her skin is absolutely flawless! Even my colleague noticed the difference and I then asked her about her skincare routine. Surprisingly, she is using this Malaysian brand product called Babies blink as it works for her friend who just got married. So, she tried it out for herself and after using it for about 2-3months plus, it work wonders for her. 

I got an even bigger surprise when I realised that the whole set only cost $20 & I got mine from carousell! The other day i was in JB and this cost around 55RM.

My skin isn’t that flawless either but I decided to let Mr FiancΓ© try it out first. He absolutely loves it and I have seen difference in his skin conditions. He loves using it for now since it is cheaper than our normal skincare routine which is the Body Shop Tea Tree skincare range. 

I will be trying it out soon as currently I am using this other malaysian brand called Mekar semilu. This colleague of mine, she’s around 40+ and her skin is absolutely flawless and she looks a whole lot fairer now that the rest of us decided to jump into the bandwagon of purchasing her skincare routine as well!

“Mekar Semilu is free from chemicals and believed there is no side effects. It is suitable for all skin types and all ages for men and women. Significant effect on the skin can only be seen in two weeks!”

It definitely leaves my skin feeling dry but moist if you get what I mean and I do love it, but I did not get the whole set though. I only purchased the soap and the air zam-zam toner!

I love face mists thus this is my definite favourite product as well. 

Special Zam Zam Toner with rose extracts quick-absorbing essence that keeps the skin healthy, enhance skin’s firmness, and maintain clear skin. 

* Refreshes the skin by tightening the pores to keep the skin looking beautiful and ageless.


Ok, as for now, I am helping beau to purchase additional serum and toner Babies blink which only costs $5 each. I am also going to be purchasing a full set for myself together with the K-Colly since collagen is seriously truly important for healthy skin.