My cousin who is getting married in 2017 has actually booked Naw.wa.rah too just like me. She had initially planned for a combined wedding but due to some issues, it has been decided that it will be 2 separate events. 

Thus, her initial $600 of first deposit to Naw.wa.rah will be forfeited since she has decided to book a.at bridal. The reason for the change is she now has to book bridal for 2 days instead of one. Hence, due to constraint budget and the fact that it is no longer a combined wedding, she needs to change her bridal vendor. She’s not changing her deco with SID and Kompang Ak.rab though. Previously, she had also take  ESA weddings with me but after finding out that its only XX poses and for additional extra pic, it may cost an additional 100+ RM, she went to ask for a refund and booked A.at for post wedding photoshoot. 

My cousin texted me personally to ask for my opinions if it is okay of her to change her vendors especially since I know T.ash.a personally. 

Anyways..From what I understand, her package with Naw.wa.rah consists of 2 customised outfits. A.at Bridal is offering her 3 customised outfits (minusing off the depo she had spend on Naw.wa.rah), duit kipas and also providing duit hadang! And it is seriously affordable, I tell you! This is so as her fiance side is also taking A.at catering + deco and the both of them did engaged A.at for photography as well. So, A.at had considered her bridal package as an all in one package. 

Anyways if any of you would like to engage Naw.wa.rah, please do buy the package from my cousin can😅? 

I did asked her to ask if she can transfer to others etc and this was their reply : 

InshaAllah can yup. But they have to follow the latest package that we have. But the deposit tt we have frm u tu can transfer to them.


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