Another milestone(s) achieved.

Where do I even begin since I have not been blogging 😅? I used to love to update my blogs in the past but recently, I’ve started to not like doing so just because…. 

Anyways, let’s do a pretty short update ok? I can foresee that I’ll probably next update my blog end of the year after my unisim exams. 

It’s less than 9 months to our big day and I am super stoked about it! Currently right now though, I still have yet to book my henna artist though. Been getting quotations from nearly all of the henna artists in Singapore but my heart has not been set with any one of them. I am still thinking about the ones from KL. Love her works although it is instant henna but to fly her in from KL, I think I’d rather fly in a KL MUA instead! 

Here’s a list of items that has been booked this year and I doubt I’ve updated you guys about it: 

  1. Kompang AKRAB
  2. Cherriesmitten bouquet (courteousy of dearest gf S.A, thank you love!) & another bouquet done by my dearest gf N.S! Thank you!)
  3. Gubahan and bunga rampai trays. (mine is sponsored by gf N.S and I engaged sweetz creation while fiance got our prev engagement vendor- hocus pocus to do his)
  4. Malay Dance group performance (sponsored by the fiance’s brother & sil, thank you so much!)
  5. Hantaran gifts 
  7. Measurements taking & bridal designing meeting with our vendor (trust me i was super fickle, I only thought about the designs the day before and on the day itself lol)
  8. Meetings with wedding planners 
  9. Honeymoon planning! (YAY!)
  10. The most dreaded venue hunting
  11. Still considering cakes/cupcakes for hantaran exchange but leaning towards this vendor because of the price, design and reputation!

I think that’s pretty much about it as of now. Besides the fact that both fiance and I are on the fence about our caterer’s decor 😅 We have been thinking of engaging Anggun Decor since they’re still available but to part with close to $9k, we prefer saving that money for our Europe trip end of next year! We’re going for a minimoon since it’s not the school holidays so we’ve decided not to choose Japan/Korea and head for Australia. 
BUT, during our recent discussions, we seem to think that 6D5N trip to Australia is not enough and right now I am thinking of choosing Maldives / Thailand Ko Samui / Bali instead. I think a beach honeymoon will allow us to relax right after the wedding but then again, we’ve shortlisted a few activities and hotels for our stay in Australia. How now brown cow. Plus, the fact that it will be winter time in Australia! I did researched on Boracay previously but our honeymoon dates are the monsoon season actually so 😩😞! 

On a side note, I’ve been wishing that both of us had booked Is/ta/na catering because their decor is still pleasing to the eyes on top of their amazing yummy food!! Pu/te/ri wedding catering has always been fiance’s family side of go to caterer but future mil had instances where for certain weddings, the food wasn’t as fantastic. Apparently it’s true because a colleague of mine got them for her wedding in 2014 and as she had known about it, she requested for a certain cook. But ohwells. 

S/M/R catering has yummy food but they do not have their own kitchen and it’s been so difficult to ensure that the venues chosen allows cooking & washing onsite. I did enquire on The Grassroots club last month or was it the month before but our wedding date has already been booked! Mind you back then it was only 11/10 months to the wedding! Emailed 4 CCs and also some country clubs too by the way. 

Both CCs at our neighbourhood area allows cooking and washing onsite but for  CC A, it does not allow Saturday wedding since no pre decor set up can be done on Friday. While for CC B, the beautiful room overlooking the lake is pretty small for our 1.5k guests AND the hall is too big since its 8 basketball court! After much calculations, it will cost us more than $10k for the rental of that huge space! But CC B is having an indoor space which is still being renovated. Sadly it does not have an aircon and it is smaller than 2 basketball court. So yeah, a little too small as well. But for the other 2 CCs, which is out of our neighbourhood area, it is available and let’s hope that we can get to book it soon In Shaa Allah! 


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