I have not been updating my blog in the longest time because I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed with so much work to do & trying my best to balance out my social life as well. 

Basically, I’ve been too busy with SIM & worklife. I’ve planned 2 events within that same month & Alhamdulillah, it’s been great. 

Mosy importantly I have been juggling both school and work life. There was a slight change for my Monday’s and I had to rush straight for SIM classes after work. It is indeed pretty tiring to not have a proper break before lesson and also the fact that the next module’s lesson falls on Tuesday. So imagine for assignments, it’s due on Sunday for the Monday’s class and Monday for the Tuesday’s class. Oh wells. I coud only rant but <s>no one can truly fathom how I feel</s>

Anyways, it is already September and my skin has pretty much cleared up from the pityriasis rosea. Well, except for my scalp as it is still clearing up from the dry+rough skin stage. I swear it was hell going through this whole thing. Like it was really truly a difficult time in my life. And all of the $$$ spend going to the doctors every single time as well as the medicines from the skin center. It did affect my work & school life because I too could not do my unisim assignments proper and let alone, go down for classes. Which sucks by the way as my lecturer did not switched on the classroom cam for online viewing despite emails. Apparently he said it’s up to the school to release the online footage but then, oh wells, forget it. 

On a side note, it is about 10 months away to the big day and I swear the challenges I faced in fact comes from my parents sadly. The terms and their thinking as well as how they are not willing to compromise on certain matters is hard because I am doing a combined wedding afterall. 

And now I truly understand the meaning of why most bride to bes will be saying how it is in fact our parents majlis because mine mentioned exactly that it is their wedding function heh but I’m the one paying for it all. So I guessed for what they want, I’ll have to fork out more cash somehow and burst my budget = saving more money & taking up tuition. 

It is not easy but InShaaAllah we can do this. 


One thought on “Assalamualaikum

  1. Omg what an ordeal! How do you manage all this in the months leading up to your wedding I cannot imagine.

    And yes I remember the struggles of accommodating to the parents’ requests. Maybe if you say they can have the thing they want but they need to pay for it because you have no money already or you already have plans for the money. And set a time limit where no more changes can be made.

    This will not work if your parents are the “my way or the highway” kind though..

    In any case, good luck dear.

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