I haven’t been blogging in awhile because I haven’t had the time to do so and hasn’t really been in the pink of health. Like really truly😷🤒.

I’ve totally lost my voice and yet fever’s been going up and down as well. Don’t know why but had chest pain ever since Tues while I was scolding some kids with my already non-existent voice 😅. 
Will definitely be on hiatus for some time since my exams are coming up in May too. Absolutely worried for it because my current unisim tutor does not upload his ppt slides nor the classroom recordings. Plus, I have been skipping most of the lessons as I wasn’t well and was on MC. 

😔 totally missed and skipped one of the quizzes because I didn’t realised about it. Sighs. My assignments were also not really well done to me. Oh wells. 😦

Till I meet you all again probably end May with more wedding updates 💕

Ps: updated thelist already!