#weddingprioritiesseries9. Hand bouquet

February bouquet that I received. 

Anyhoo, my initial plans for bouquet was to order the one together with Nawwarah Bridal but somehow there was a Feb promotion by CHERRIESMITTEN! 

So.. Told my dearest girls about it & my dearest GF decided to sponsor myself as well as my other gf who happens to be the owner of one of the wordpress wedding blog.

Emailed them a month back and in order to book their services, they require 50% deposit ! 
Alhamdulillah, am so thankful to my friend for helping to ease my wedding burden 🙂 May Allah swt bless your kind souls! Thank you dear! 

Loving this one above btw 😍❤️

Initially I also thought of using my engagement pearl brooch boqueut but dah ada rezeki ni, Alhamdulillah 🙂 

My darling gf a BTB in May had also wanted to help me do a bouquet. She has no background in this industry at all. And she tried doing her own bouquet for her wedding by practising for her bro’s wedding last weekend. Not bad kan! She did the boutonneire as well as she had learned how to do it during the WTB Diary tea session!   


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