#weddingprioritiesseries9. Hand bouquet

February bouquet that I received. 

Anyhoo, my initial plans for bouquet was to order the one together with Nawwarah Bridal but somehow there was a Feb promotion by CHERRIESMITTEN! 

So.. Told my dearest girls about it & my dearest GF decided to sponsor myself as well as my other gf who happens to be the owner of one of the wordpress wedding blog.

Emailed them a month back and in order to book their services, they require 50% deposit ! 
Alhamdulillah, am so thankful to my friend for helping to ease my wedding burden 🙂 May Allah swt bless your kind souls! Thank you dear! 

Loving this one above btw 😍❤️

Initially I also thought of using my engagement pearl brooch boqueut but dah ada rezeki ni, Alhamdulillah 🙂 

My darling gf a BTB in May had also wanted to help me do a bouquet. She has no background in this industry at all. And she tried doing her own bouquet for her wedding by practising for her bro’s wedding last weekend. Not bad kan! She did the boutonneire as well as she had learned how to do it during the WTB Diary tea session!   


My Pityriasis rosea story

Nothing wedding related.I’ve been wanting to update on my wedding plannings but been too busy with work, school, tuition and getting sick. Progress has been made for the kompang, dancers, bouquet and prolly booking to cofirm the gubahan soon! Thank you & Alhamdulillah for wonderful friends and family who will be sponsoring those above except for kompang. <kalau nk sponsor bilang i k haha>

For the whole month of February, I have been falling sick nearly each week. “Are you okay?” was definitely one of the questions that I have been asked one time too many. The truth is, I am not okay. But to make things simpler and not prolong the list of questions and all, I tend to just reply that I am okay. When the fact is, I truly am not okay. 

What I truly would like to say is that, “No, I am not okay and you could definitely see it from my makeupless pale face. My whole body is itching and burning so badly. The room’s so stuffy that I tend to sweat which leads to my rashes spreading and getting worst. My medicines have terrible side effects like nausea, vomitting, loose stools, stomach pain etc. I don’t feel good, what more look good right now <a colleague said I look like I’m in the hospital and he asked what happen to me, why no more prettyyy cantik looking already 😦 he was joking but then again, self conscious you know? >And most importantly, this whole condition will last for a minimum of 6 weeks.”

Early february, I was given 4 days of Mc when I went over to polyclinic because the doctor suspected that it was a case of HFMD. I was down with fever & sore throat plus I had like a few rashes which I thought was just some insect bites. To make matters worst, the ulcers in my mouth was super painful because it was huge & it was like right next to the Uvula. Being a teacher, this is hard because I need to use my voice. It’s painful to talk, what more to drink and eat. 

Despite the fact that I was deemed fit by the doctor when I went back to polyclinic for the check up, my fever was still going on and off. My throat was still burning really badly. Within 2 weeks, I realised that I’d rashes on my body & on my arms. Initially, I thought it was some insect bites and I totally changed out the bed sheets, disinfected my room and spring clean it. However, it got bigger and redder plus it was itching super badly.. 

Booked the appointment and went over to poly and they did not knew what was wrong. I was still down with slight fever then. 4 days later, on the Friday morning, I was still feeling feverish but I pushed myself to go to work, thinking that I will be okay. But way before my lessons start, I seriously felt like fainting. Took my temperature using the digital thermomenter and it was 38deg but tried with the infrared thermometer that my department got from qoo10 and there was no fever, apparently.  It was a 4 period lesson = 2 hrs with the lower pri kids. Halfway through out the lesson, I swear I wanted to faint and it was only then that I realised I had pretty high fever of 38.8deg! 

Left work to head over to the doc and it was 39degrees. It was there then at the private clinic that the doctor told me my condition would only go away within 6 weeks. I was in disbelief and thought that she is joking. I was still having slight fever the following Monday and head over to poly as well as to get a referral to Skin centre.

But, it was too long to wait for the appointment that in the next 2 days, I walked in to skincenter despite the slight fever. It was a long wait. But no choice as my face was slightly swollen and I had 2 rashes spots on my face! I was devastated. Reached there at 815am to only get a chance to see the doctor at 12pm! Nevertheless, I am glad it isn’t anything serious. It’s a condition called Pityriasis rosea <glam name but trust me it isn’t glamorous at all>

So what is Pityriasis rosea? Pityriasis rosea is a viral rash which lasts about 6–12 weeks. It is characterised by a herald patch followed by similar, smaller oval red patches that are located mainly on the chest and back.

What about it’s causes? Pityriasis rosea is caused by a viral infection. Children and young adults are more susceptible, for reasons unknown. Recurrences are rare – a person who develops the skin rash has only a two per cent chance of experiencing it again. 

Pityriasis rosea tends to be symmetrical and it is yes, all over my body and legs as well on my arms. Of course I am super self conscious to wear short sleeves / midi dresses / skirts ! Sometimes, slightly depressing whenever I take a look at my skin. I’m just glad that it is happening this year and not the following year because I will probably be so upset if I got it nearer my wedding. Let’s all pray for me that it will get better, the itch would be bearable, the rashes would heal faster & that I will be free from this skin condition within the 6 weeks time frame. There are cases that last for months and years in fact. 

Really cannot wait to get over and done with this skin condition. I am sick and tired of eating the antibiotics and have all those side effects. Sigh. On my first day of eating the medicines, I suddenly had a painful stomach pain and my head was spinning. I felt like vomitting and thankfully there’s a teacher aid to help relief my final 15 mins. It was super painful that I just held onto the sink in the disabled toilet. It’s still the same now but much much better. The first 3 hrs of consuming the medines from 7-10am is the worst period of time. But it gets better over time. 

Oh wells, I just had to rant because I was still having super bad stomach pains and nausea + loose stools today. It’s been 2 weeks and the rashes are still as active as ever. The cream that the doctor gave me has already been used up & the pharmacists at unity/guarduan ain’t wanna sell it to me due to the high steroids level. HAISH. 

There’s a reason to everything. And I’m sure that Allah swt has HIS plans for me. Then again, sakit itu penghapus dosa. Amin.