Thanks to my chinese friend, for highlighting this promo to me. You can find out more info here: 

As for myself, I’ve already booked ESA😊 It was our first vendor booked, way before catering etc HAAHAH! 



18 more months to the big day! HOMG!

Kompang is all up to beau. He is the one in-charge of  finding a kompang group for us. We had shortlisted a few kompang groups based on friends & relatives experience. 

  1. Akrab
  2. PERCUSSIONZ by Makyong kedek
  3. Andika Prak bing bing
  4. Kompang Al Falah
  5. KMBTT – Wak Jai (Recommended by beau’s mum as there’s dance segment as well)   
  6. Kompang – Aidil (uncle’s contact)
  7. Kompang al’qahhar (cousin’s contact)

Beau had enquired with these groups and sadly, Andika is not available for our big day. As for Makyong kedek, they are not yet open for 2017! These groups above are recommendations by fellow relative members / we have seen their performance live.

The other groups that beau had listed out but not enquired with are these groups : 

  1. Kompang putra utara 
  2. Kumpulan kompang syabab
  3. Kompang Firqatul
  4. ukiran rentak
  5. Kumpulan kompang nurul ihsan




There’s also a kompang competition coming up this yr too!


I love Akrab and I was secretly hoping that beau would book and choose them too. And he did! So yay!!! Akrab has the cheapest and most reasonable quotation & with their performance we are super sure we would definitely enjoy their performance on the big day. 

Side track a bit, super happy because wedding preps and planning are picking up from here. The main vendors are done so now it is left with all of the smaller vendors. 

Air cooler

My future mother in law has purchased this air cooler unit for the baby nephew :)! It’s on offer from $3xx to $299 ! Rental of air coolers can be pretty expensive and if any of you are interested in purchasing one which you can keep for your future home, I suggest getting this! Value for money because rental of air cooler unit could cost you about $100 per day. 

It will be nice to have air coolers at the side of the pelamin or at the back as it won’t be as stuffy/hot as compared to having fans. 


Anyone would like to take up this package by lagunsari? It’s based on 2015 pricing thus, slightly cheaper. Applicable for 2017/2018 brides and grooms! 

Selling because parents (girls side) do not agree to wedding at lagunsari as it is too far. Do let me know if you are keen thank you! Spread the word too yeah? 

(Selling on behalf of a friend!)