<Beau’s engagement ring above & floral bouquet from beau>

Recently, we just turned 1 year as an engaged couple. It was a simple affair. We had dinner, went to a soccer match and beau even surprise me with the most beautiful freshest 18 stalk of roses. Prettiest bouquet received ever ! & oh we even bought our impromptu wedding rings HAHAHA. Beau also got me a new pretty casing! So sayang to use!

Technically, in a few days time we will be 1 yr and 1mth as an engaged couple. Truth be told, the first few months were hard and I guess every single engaged couple will definitely go through this stage of life. But now, we are much stronger and both of us have grown to be more understanding more committed + definitely give and take with one another. 

Every relationship be it engaged or not will definitely have their ups and downs. 

I am thankful to Allah swt for the challenges we faced because it only makes us stronger and it is a good reminder for me to always Dua and pray as well as seek for Allah’s help. To the other engaged couples, that are going through a rough patch, remember the reason why the both of you decided to bring your relationship to the next phase in life and most importantly remember Allah and do not for once, lose hope in his plans. MasyaAllah. Right now, both of us just cannot wait for 2017 and soon, we will be able to annoy one another for the rest of the life. 

Most importantly, I am thankful that beau’s family accepts me in their life & soon both beau and I will have a nephew! Alhamdulillah for a wonderful future parents in law that I could get along well with who are so supportive of the both of us as well. I’d friends, colleagues telling me that they love seeing my close knit r/s with beau’s mummy. Alhamdulillah. Most importantly, I will have 2 new future brothers and a Sister(beau’s SIL). 

May we all always have the love and respect for one another not just amongst ourselves but with both of our family members. 

May Allah eases all of our affairs. Amin:) 



I’d blogged about my engagement before but for the sake of wordpress, I will list the items we bought for one another as well as the vendors engaged. Who knows it might be helpful to any one of you! 

Our engagement was prettymuch planned out in 3 weeks because we only told our parents about it in October after beau’s brother got married end of September. So within that 3 weeks we then booked and searched for the vendors. 

H/ocuspocus events is my NIE friend (a BTB too) sister’s company so hence I decided to engage them. 

R/everie decortes were still new and they were just entering the wedding dias/room decor scene. They were tasked to do up my room/ my balcony which has a swing but due to space constaint and R/everie decortes gave me a pretty good deal should I want a mini dias which is of the same pricing as my room decor, Beau and I chose the mini dias. So yay to a nice backdrop which is also the photobooth backdrop! 

Never regretted the decision to get a mini dias instead because despite my house being an executive flat, since it is following the new hdb layouts, it is pretty small for an exec flat. My room is pretty packed because I have 3 wardrobes & a queen size bed. I can’t even open up my door fully 😂 haha! 

Engagement vendors/items (Mine): 

  • Mini dias: R/everie Decortes (also previously known as L/ofty Decortes)
  • Dulangs: H/ocuspocus events
  • Bunga rampai: Aunty
  • Henna cone: F/auzella artistry(prev known as Isabella heaven henna)
  • Photography: D/e/n/yar Photography
  • Catering: Family 
  • Rental of tables & chairs for the corridor area outside: Aunt’s relatives (super cheap at only 60c for chairs and less than $2 for the tables. Delivery cost not included. Skirtings were given to us for free. Set up were done by ourselves)
  • Flowers & vase for guest tables: Far East Flora 
  • Standing frames : Ikea 
  • Lace bedsheet: BHG (Reused from Raya’14) 
  • Blossoms: A/n/nkhaybwl 
  • Cake: C/o/mestivel desserts 
  • Cupcakes: F/izzysweets
  • Automatic belt: Bradford (Mahal je can get a set of belt and wallet but oh wells mr fiance nak ni) 
  • Shoes: Pedro
  • Body lotions: Body Shop
  • Pulut & other dulang goodies : courteousy of aunts and uncles
  • Silver mixed platinum ring for beau: Kimber Diamond
  • Tunang outfit: Second hand dress from carousell. Dress by Sy Boutique

Engagement vendors/items (Fiance’s):

  • Bedroom decor: Beau’s mummy 
  • Dulangs & bunga rampai: H/ocuspocus events
  • Photography: D/e/n/yar Photography
  • Catering at his side: Order from no idea where haha
  •  Cake: F/izzysweets
  • Heart shape macarons: Q/ifee Bakery
  • Hamper: Famous Amos
  • Body lotions: Victoria secret set
  • Perfume: Versace 
  • Sling bag: Michael Kors 
  • Diamond ring: Meyson (Bugis outlet)
  • Tunang outfit: Sy boutique 
  • Pearl floral bouquet for fiancee: Subaidah/Zubaidah (gotta double check but i have the contacts!)
  • Photobooth props : reused the one made by Beau during proposal

<Side note, I think that people especially strangers could be nicer with their comments. Be it for a wedding or for an engagement. Just be happy for others & there isn’t any need to gossip or even share with other people who knew nuts and force your judgements and opinions on them you know?>


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