Went out with my darling bride to be Ms S who will be getting married in May 2016! My cousin got engaged too but it was rather last minute, hence, I wasn’t able to attend. Anw, I’d owe Ms S a visit to Arab street for kain hunting(after exams and term4) for the other 6 Bridesmaids as she had totally bought the whole stock of dress from fashionvalet! Moreover, due to the sizes, there’s a need to get tailored dresses for the other 6 bridesmaids due to the cutting of the dress. 


So the hunt for the BM kain began. It was raining heavily by the time we arrived at Arab street so we had a quick drink at Starbucks first. Brought her to the same kain place that I went few months back for another friend’s wedding! 

And at that same shop we found the perfect kain satin. The one above is the kain satin ceylon (matte type) and the shop at Arab st do  have it but it’s slightly darker so we just got the normal kain satin which is of the exact same shape except it is slightly shinier? 

It was $5.50 per metre so the makcik in me tried to haggle for discount and we got it at $4.50! Nak minta $4 tapi tak dapat. Haha. 

Bumped into my NIE friend Aisha over there also, kain hunting for one of her family’s big day as well and I was also aiming the exact same piece maybe for raya next year ?    

Lawa kan! 
Afterwards we headed to Golden Landmark and Ms S got tudung bawal for her future Mummy in law. We then head to the place that I tailored my previous Bridesmaid dresses and checked the price for the exacr same design. 

For simple dresses it would be $60-65 while it can go up to $75 as there’s no double lining. The lady was there and she remembered me of course! After much haggling with her, the cost of tailoring was brought down to $65 because i told her we have 6 dresses and bla bla bla haha. Thank You Mbak! This coming sunday the other ladies will be going down to the shop:) she even has an instagram account too! Love the service especially since we don’t have time to go down to Msia! 

Thank you Ms S for purchasing the dresses for all of us:)! 

Afterwards we headed to Meyson & Soo kee  + Lee Hwa as well as Goldheart looking at rings and Platinum rings for her fiance 😉 

Ms S is the one that my group of girls the Mak Chicks had surprised her with a Bridal henna from f.auzellaartistry or used to be known as I.sabella Heaven Henna! I made the bookings a few days after Ms S’s rather short surprise engagement. Trust me, it was a surprise for her too because everything was set within less than 2 wks!

I have seen Kak Fauzellah’s works and they’re amazing. I’d gotten her as well during my engagement:) you girls may want to book her for your big day! Her works are really beautiful! 



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