Dec vacay

Currently on vacay right now in the van while updating my wordpress.

One of my december hol trip is to make a stop at Kenanga Mall when we’re in KL. OMG the place is to die for because all of the items are super cheap and affordable! 

I have a feeling that I will come down to Kenanga mall for bridesmaid dresses, possibly. The only thing is that most dresses are free size so it is hard if my bridesmaids are all of different sizes. Not only that, some of them have their own preferences such as loose outfits etc. So, we shall see how.

I went to Masjid India area as well. Was supposed to get bunga rampai holders for my friend Ms S, a  bride to be but tak sempat cari !




The other day I went down to collect my invoice from Raffiey Nasir’s boutique before they shifted to their new place over at Woodlands. I’m just so excited to have our own customised for keep nikah outfit. Something that can be passed down to my future children if they want to or just for me to reuse during raya or any events! 

So yeah, we’ll be changing our bridal package to 2 outfits as per the earlier conversation with my mak andam 🙂 

Right now, I shall just continue my moodboard for the big day and scout for simple but still glamorous nikah outfit! 



<Beau’s engagement ring above & floral bouquet from beau>

Recently, we just turned 1 year as an engaged couple. It was a simple affair. We had dinner, went to a soccer match and beau even surprise me with the most beautiful freshest 18 stalk of roses. Prettiest bouquet received ever ! & oh we even bought our impromptu wedding rings HAHAHA. Beau also got me a new pretty casing! So sayang to use!

Technically, in a few days time we will be 1 yr and 1mth as an engaged couple. Truth be told, the first few months were hard and I guess every single engaged couple will definitely go through this stage of life. But now, we are much stronger and both of us have grown to be more understanding more committed + definitely give and take with one another. 

Every relationship be it engaged or not will definitely have their ups and downs. 

I am thankful to Allah swt for the challenges we faced because it only makes us stronger and it is a good reminder for me to always Dua and pray as well as seek for Allah’s help. To the other engaged couples, that are going through a rough patch, remember the reason why the both of you decided to bring your relationship to the next phase in life and most importantly remember Allah and do not for once, lose hope in his plans. MasyaAllah. Right now, both of us just cannot wait for 2017 and soon, we will be able to annoy one another for the rest of the life. 

Most importantly, I am thankful that beau’s family accepts me in their life & soon both beau and I will have a nephew! Alhamdulillah for a wonderful future parents in law that I could get along well with who are so supportive of the both of us as well. I’d friends, colleagues telling me that they love seeing my close knit r/s with beau’s mummy. Alhamdulillah. Most importantly, I will have 2 new future brothers and a Sister(beau’s SIL). 

May we all always have the love and respect for one another not just amongst ourselves but with both of our family members. 

May Allah eases all of our affairs. Amin:) 



I’d blogged about my engagement before but for the sake of wordpress, I will list the items we bought for one another as well as the vendors engaged. Who knows it might be helpful to any one of you! 

Our engagement was prettymuch planned out in 3 weeks because we only told our parents about it in October after beau’s brother got married end of September. So within that 3 weeks we then booked and searched for the vendors. 

H/ocuspocus events is my NIE friend (a BTB too) sister’s company so hence I decided to engage them. 

R/everie decortes were still new and they were just entering the wedding dias/room decor scene. They were tasked to do up my room/ my balcony which has a swing but due to space constaint and R/everie decortes gave me a pretty good deal should I want a mini dias which is of the same pricing as my room decor, Beau and I chose the mini dias. So yay to a nice backdrop which is also the photobooth backdrop! 

Never regretted the decision to get a mini dias instead because despite my house being an executive flat, since it is following the new hdb layouts, it is pretty small for an exec flat. My room is pretty packed because I have 3 wardrobes & a queen size bed. I can’t even open up my door fully 😂 haha! 

Engagement vendors/items (Mine): 

  • Mini dias: R/everie Decortes (also previously known as L/ofty Decortes)
  • Dulangs: H/ocuspocus events
  • Bunga rampai: Aunty
  • Henna cone: F/auzella artistry(prev known as Isabella heaven henna)
  • Photography: D/e/n/yar Photography
  • Catering: Family 
  • Rental of tables & chairs for the corridor area outside: Aunt’s relatives (super cheap at only 60c for chairs and less than $2 for the tables. Delivery cost not included. Skirtings were given to us for free. Set up were done by ourselves)
  • Flowers & vase for guest tables: Far East Flora 
  • Standing frames : Ikea 
  • Lace bedsheet: BHG (Reused from Raya’14) 
  • Blossoms: A/n/nkhaybwl 
  • Cake: C/o/mestivel desserts 
  • Cupcakes: F/izzysweets
  • Automatic belt: Bradford (Mahal je can get a set of belt and wallet but oh wells mr fiance nak ni) 
  • Shoes: Pedro
  • Body lotions: Body Shop
  • Pulut & other dulang goodies : courteousy of aunts and uncles
  • Silver mixed platinum ring for beau: Kimber Diamond
  • Tunang outfit: Second hand dress from carousell. Dress by Sy Boutique

Engagement vendors/items (Fiance’s):

  • Bedroom decor: Beau’s mummy 
  • Dulangs & bunga rampai: H/ocuspocus events
  • Photography: D/e/n/yar Photography
  • Catering at his side: Order from no idea where haha
  •  Cake: F/izzysweets
  • Heart shape macarons: Q/ifee Bakery
  • Hamper: Famous Amos
  • Body lotions: Victoria secret set
  • Perfume: Versace 
  • Sling bag: Michael Kors 
  • Diamond ring: Meyson (Bugis outlet)
  • Tunang outfit: Sy boutique 
  • Pearl floral bouquet for fiancee: Subaidah/Zubaidah (gotta double check but i have the contacts!)
  • Photobooth props : reused the one made by Beau during proposal

<Side note, I think that people especially strangers could be nicer with their comments. Be it for a wedding or for an engagement. Just be happy for others & there isn’t any need to gossip or even share with other people who knew nuts and force your judgements and opinions on them you know?>


Went out with my darling bride to be Ms S who will be getting married in May 2016! My cousin got engaged too but it was rather last minute, hence, I wasn’t able to attend. Anw, I’d owe Ms S a visit to Arab street for kain hunting(after exams and term4) for the other 6 Bridesmaids as she had totally bought the whole stock of dress from fashionvalet! Moreover, due to the sizes, there’s a need to get tailored dresses for the other 6 bridesmaids due to the cutting of the dress. 


So the hunt for the BM kain began. It was raining heavily by the time we arrived at Arab street so we had a quick drink at Starbucks first. Brought her to the same kain place that I went few months back for another friend’s wedding! 

And at that same shop we found the perfect kain satin. The one above is the kain satin ceylon (matte type) and the shop at Arab st do  have it but it’s slightly darker so we just got the normal kain satin which is of the exact same shape except it is slightly shinier? 

It was $5.50 per metre so the makcik in me tried to haggle for discount and we got it at $4.50! Nak minta $4 tapi tak dapat. Haha. 

Bumped into my NIE friend Aisha over there also, kain hunting for one of her family’s big day as well and I was also aiming the exact same piece maybe for raya next year ?    

Lawa kan! 
Afterwards we headed to Golden Landmark and Ms S got tudung bawal for her future Mummy in law. We then head to the place that I tailored my previous Bridesmaid dresses and checked the price for the exacr same design. 

For simple dresses it would be $60-65 while it can go up to $75 as there’s no double lining. The lady was there and she remembered me of course! After much haggling with her, the cost of tailoring was brought down to $65 because i told her we have 6 dresses and bla bla bla haha. Thank You Mbak! This coming sunday the other ladies will be going down to the shop:) she even has an instagram account too! Love the service especially since we don’t have time to go down to Msia! 

Thank you Ms S for purchasing the dresses for all of us:)! 

Afterwards we headed to Meyson & Soo kee  + Lee Hwa as well as Goldheart looking at rings and Platinum rings for her fiance 😉 

Ms S is the one that my group of girls the Mak Chicks had surprised her with a Bridal henna from f.auzellaartistry or used to be known as I.sabella Heaven Henna! I made the bookings a few days after Ms S’s rather short surprise engagement. Trust me, it was a surprise for her too because everything was set within less than 2 wks!

I have seen Kak Fauzellah’s works and they’re amazing. I’d gotten her as well during my engagement:) you girls may want to book her for your big day! Her works are really beautiful! 



 I’d been putting all of my posts to save as draft because I have been busy with work and school. Now that my exams are over and it is the school hol, I can finally update this wordpress of mine! 


 If I have zero budget for rings, I would definitely want those above! 

Anyways, we had already bought our wedding rings about 1 month back(on out 1st year engagementsary!). It was an impromptu decision. Just like the engagement ring that Mr Fiance got for me, we tend to be an impulse buyer/ impulsive shopper. 

We went to Meyson after watching a soccer match and the Assistant who has always been handling me ever since  before the engagement ring when beau got a diamond ring for my birthday,  well she was there. And while waiting for my ring to be polished we were just looking around and to which I found and fell in love with a ring. Hahaha. 

Initially we were just looking at the  cost of eternity rings so she showed me a ring that happens to have both solitaire with the additional half band eternity rings and I was sold. I was absolutely in love with it just as beau was in love with the ring.  

Our initial plan was to get an eternity ring to match with my engagement diamond ring. And for mahr, we would get a gold bracelet.. But things happen when you fell in love with a ring 😂 

The ring was priced at $3k plus for an I colour 0.5 ct which was pretty a-okay but I wanted the colour range to be in the colourless range. So she found one for me albeit a slightly smaller ct  but definitely a much better quality diamond with the colour range of E colour. 

Beau had wanted me to not decide on the spot so we decided to put in a reservation of $500. The ring wasn’t in the store too so we could come another day. We also looked through platinum rings as well and beau liked this one particular ring. Take note: Like not love.

So our $500 deposit was for those two rings & we came down by the next week. After my exams cos I had an exam the next 2 days (hahaha but willing to spend time outside looking at rings)! 

It is also our 1 year engagementsary by the way 🙂  Another 1.5 more months with my love before we’re husband and wife! Omg can’t wait!! 

I told my fav girls & this BTB (ehem you know who you are :p) came down as well to check my ring out as she loves the halo designs like this below:

<pic above courteousy of google> 

Throughout that exam week, I wasn’t really focusing on studying but instead learning and reading up on diamonds from forums! HAHAAH. In the past I used to not fully understand the 4Cs but now, I do. And thanks to meyson’s sales asst who always share the knowledge on diamonds to both of us.

  1. Cut – Main important factor of diamonds because this determines if the diamond will be able to reflect light properly. You can have a good quality diamond but if it is not being cut properly, then no point!
  2. Clarity – This is not that important because you can’t see it with your naked eyes. This is on the no of impurities in the diamond.
  3. Colour – Very important! Make sure to get the colourless/ near colourless range. D is of the highest grade. However, you can’t tell the difference between D and E colour. Usually colour difference affects the bottom part of the diamond but the top part is the same especially when the colour range is the same. However, there is a diff between D and I colour. You can see the slight yellow tint. Meaning, if you are torn between colour E/F, there is no diff just take the cheaper option. If you are torn between G and J of course, take the G!    D-F (colourless)                                          G-H (Near colourless, visible when compared to better coloured ones)      I-J (Near colourless, visible with naked eye)                                             Above K- visibly yellow
  4. Carat – weight of the diamond. This affects the $$$ mostly :p 

Meyson hearts & arrows collections are equivalent to super ideal cut range from other jeweller stores. But the reason why their prices are way cheaper is the fact that they do not do any marketing or advertising hence, if not that extra cost would be passed to the customers. But since meyson jewellery don’t have such strategies, the ring prices are much much cheaper! So yay to saving our pocket! 

It is important to get a good graded diamond especially for something that will lasts a lifetime. There are 2 recognised and international American certs to grade diamonds and they are AGS and GIA cert. Between both certs, AGS is more stricter in terms of the diamond cut. GIA grade for cut is not as stringent as to AGS.

The other is HRD & IGI cert which is European certs.

Meyson’s diamonds are of GIA Cert. but do take note that diamonds above 0.3 carat & from the hearts and arrows collections carry such certs. 

For those below 0.3ct is is SIG cert which is only an inhouse recognised certificate.

Of course before coming down to Meyson to collect and make full payment for our rings, we went to Sookee, Goldheart, Lee hwa that is right next to Meyson. We skipped  Taka and Citigems tho(yes, they’re cheaper but quality is impt based on own experience.) 

The platinum ring collection from the other stores could not beat Meyson’s range though. We also take a look at half eternity band because all of the sales assistant do not approve of a full diamond eternity ring as it is not good since it may spoil the diamonds in the long run which is not worth it at all.

We took a look at Lee Hwa’s forever mark series besides their destinee series. If you’re thinking of getting solitaire it is def. pricey but their eternity rings were about $1.5k (still pricier) but hey it is super shiny and sparkly. The brilliance of their diamonds are amazing! 

My youngest uncle got a destinee solitaire around 11 years ago for my aunt and it is still in absolutely wonderful condition! So if u have the extra $$ and willing to splurge on diamonds i recommend the best which is Lee hwa! But for me, I want something that is of a good deal becuase no one will know the brand of my rings after wearing it unless they asked. 

Moreover, i’m a bag lady so I’d rather beau splurge that amount on handbags! Plus my mummy since young have told me that diamonds are worthless and gold is more impt. Thankfully i’m one who loves both gold and diamonds :p hint hint. 

And after watching the truth about diamonds, I didn’t want to splurge on it. 

The other jewellery stores has sales for their diamonds except for Meyson. They do not do sales as their prices are already in the affordable range. 

If you’re interested in Sookee jewelleries, best to get someone who is a member for their member discount. My colleague, has and she gave me her card should i want to use it. Oh,we looked at coloured gemstones too but there wasn’t much nice pretty saphire rings. 

<meyson also have platinum rings & suasa rings btw>


Some tips: 

If you’re getting a smaller size diamond of 0.25 carats and below, clarity with a min of VVS2 is more important than colour. 

If you’re getting a bigger size diamond,  try to get it in the colourless / near colourless range (of at least F colour and D being the highest grade). If you get a diamond colour that is closer to the Z spectrum, you can see the cokour of the diamond being more yellowish instead of colourless. 

Then again, some people prefer the huge diamonds look but willing to compromise on the quality of diamonds such as it not being a certified diamond / the colour is more yellowish. Some prefers the smaller look diamonds but certified and of a good colour. So it depends on you:)


  See! Look at the timing! Research on diamonds early in the morning HAHAHA.   

After waiting for a week for my exams to be over and spending time reading up on diamonds instead of studying.. We went down to Meyson @ Bugis. Gotta thank my fav lady who also gave her personal Hp no for me to keep in touch with her! Even took selfies and helped us take pic with the rings hehe.

So my wedding ring is similar to this halo settings. It is a round halo 🙂    

Last 2 days I was out with my fellow BTB and we went in to Meyson at nex as well.  She loves the service and for budget below $5k there’s a 0.7ct ring diamonds! Worth it to the max as she was looking for that kind of size:)