Yay to our new BM outfit this upcoming May! Loving the material & design! We got it via Fashionvalet 🙂 there’s a few other colours as well but we decided on this shade of pink!

So Ms S came over to my place to let me try the dress. And I got her to draft out the itinerary & wedding dress designs all as well. Hahaha. 

Really excited for my secondary school bestie’s big day! We’re also getting the same bridal vendor as well ! Yayy! I think I’ll definitely be crying on her wedding day. 😦 

Anyways, we will be tailoring about 4 outfits as the BM dresses aren’t those loose design type so we will be going kain hunting this end nov after I am done with the term. Cannot wait for that! 🙂 




  Doesn’t look anything like the colour below kan: 
Remember I mentioned about the bridesmaids outfit? My gf who is getting married next year May has decided to grt the grape colour. BUT it was super dark & super off from the colours on poplook. She was super disappointed and has decided to return all 10 bridesmaids outfits that she bought. So yeah, we have been searching for others and was loving this design but sadly, no stock 😦 

 We ended up thinking of purchasing from poplook again!  
 This time round, we shall just order 1 outfit and let’s see if the colour seems perfect or not. And I am pretty excited for her wedding! A little sad too cos it is not gonna be the same. 

Anyways, can’t wait for bridesmaid duties next year with Ms H

Oh i also bought the apple mist colour for this dearest gf wedding, a BTB end of next year, you know who you are ;p 

Colour wise seems relatively a-ok:)