Mad love for the back please!

So soft and feminine gitu





 Been saving all kinds of designs of wedding dresses! & initially both myself and fiance didn’t have any plans to tailor made our nikah outfits but with this promo… We have decided to jump on the bandwagon of having a tailormade nikah outfit for keepsake purposes! Hehe.

As you all know, we have already booked our bridal and it’s 3 customised outfits. Enquired with my mak andam on the amt she will deduct for 1 outfit and we decided to go ahead and take up the RN promo! Worth the additional top up $$$ because we will get to keep the outfits! In order to get the promo, full payment has to be made. Liased with syazwan & he’s very patient in answering my queueries. I’m still not too sure if i want to spend an extra $59 for the customised headscarf or veil.

I’d to check if this promo allows this kinda style for the groom as beau wants exactly like this: 

& when we got the news that yes this design is considered in the package, apa lagi.. BOOK AH:) ! 

The only thing is we might spend extra $xxx to change the materials since the material provided for the groom is matte satin while we probably wants ducchess satin which has nicer flow. Technically, same material same style like the one Hairul is wearing above. 

As for heavy beadings it is also additional $$$ as the package includes basic embellishments. 

For you, I know, confirm you will want to add additional embellishments. Confirm.(Mr fiance, 2017) HAHAAH fikir APA format ke nak kena ada citations. 

This promo is valid for those getting married in 2015-2017! And for those who are interested do quickly get back to them! Syazwan told me that RN is gonna close this promo soon as he just contacted syazwan frm KL! So quick quick grab it:)

 Basic embellishments are like the ones above.    
 Sample of the groom outfit.   


  So go ahead and grab it girls! 🙂  


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