We took quite a no of quotations from various photo&video companies and from there we streamlined our choices. 
During the recent expo trip we had taken a look at this company as well. They’re also collaborating with d/e/m/u/r/eweddings. 

Videography is a no/no from the fiancé cos one of the videos shown, apparently fiancé could spot the camera’s head or something abt the camera. He is that observant and particular about videography but the photography is not too bad(their prices are affordable!).Which is why he emphasizes on cinematic videos since he loves videos that can tell a story. 

By the way,they also collaborated with f/a/b/u/lens and I’ve had wonderful experiences with f/a/b/ulens services! Plus now they have cute credit card size photos avail & the prices during expo were so affordable in my opinion! But since SMR will be throwing in photobooth package for us, Alhamdulillah, and the two of us are not fussy about it, asalkan ada, so we both decided not to engage it.
Come, let me share with you some quotations that I received:

Photo & video by r/e/e/l/w/erkz production Photobooth: F/a/bulens 



  During the expo trip we also talked to o/n/c/e/u/p/onimages. We super love their services & their works esp the drones cos beau loves it haha. Affordable pricing also 🙂 

Omg MAD love for their pictures but the prices are ridiculously high! Their booth was together with f/a/t/i/m/ahmohsin as they’re collaborating together. You can also get them even if you’re not taking the andaman services. But the person liasing with us couldnt answer our queries that much because if i am not mistaken their spokesperson for the company wasnt there. 

Overbudget, too expensive but amazingly nice videos! Suka sangat-sangat!


F/l/a/shed studio.


Super love how there’s 2 photographers and they’re not particular about the no. of hours! And for those who wants a female photographer they do have as well:) you can check out her works @roslinasazali on ig! 



Mad love for their works! Super lawa!! 

Their works are absolutely amazing as well for photography! 



Kak airon’s service is super good and she’s really efficient 😉 hint-hint!

Seen her in action during my recent bf wedding and I love it ! Really friendly lady. They have fudge as well and my other friend got her as well. 

I initially thought we would get them but mr fiance didn’t want a basic videography kan, so plan cancelled.

So there you go, some quotations from the various vendors 🙂 Do take note that there might be changes to the pricing so do email the various vendors.

Anyways, I just talked to my relative who will be getting married as well and she took A/a/tphotography! She said they’ll get crystallised finish photos and there’s diamonds which are swarovski crsytals omg! And best of all it’s even better quality than the ones offered by E/s/a weddings that she and her fiance asked for refund from E/s/a! This really got me excited because now I am thinking about getting them as well! But still keeping my E/s/a weddings package of course 🙂

But, we already took the photography package together  with the bridal. I’ve emailed a/atphotography though and they’ve invited me to come down to their boutique for an appointment. Let’s wait and see if beau and I decided to go for the appointment or not 🙂  


4 thoughts on “#weddingprioritiesseries4

    • Personally, most of these are brochures/flyers received and if these are done publicly I don’t think it is wrong to share. & there are some here that you can get the prices off their fb & various websites as well. As it is the samwe standard packages for the year, to me there’s no wrong posting these quotations. Only the invoice between the couple and the vendor plus whatever freebies or discounts you get should remained private? Moreover for the invoice I had already seeked permission from the vendor. & I had also stated to email the vendors for more updates on their pricing should there be changes.

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      • That’s great, babe! But i know a few vendors who were a bit hesitant on sharing their prices online. Therefore, it’s better to get in touch with them personally. Reasons being “spoil market” and they wouldn’t want their competitors to know what are their package prices or something. Oh well! 🙂

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      • Yes 😉 so for those vendors esp those who wants us to come down for appointment before showing the packages usually I don’t share it around. & I’ll usually asked before snapping the pic of the packages first. But those packages that’s readily available anywhere, I don’t mind sharing it 🙂


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