When you plan a wedding, it is crucial to priotise the needs/elements that are important to both you and your partner. I did blogged about both myself and mr fiancé important key elements in the previous blog but since it’s locked and will only be for myself, him and some invited readers, let me share a super duper short summary of the key elements for our wedding.

We prioritise on : 

  1. Catering (Good yummy food with a wide range of varieties is a must! Good services too!)
  2. Bridal (Cos hey, for a wedding, the most important people is the bride & groom! So we have to look good!) 
  3. Photo & video (Splurge a little for good quality photos and videos that we love. We learned from our prev mistakes. Lessons learned in the hard way)
  4. Decor (simple pleasing decor to the eyes. As long as there’s no holes and what’s nots, it will be a-okay)
  5. Location (Ample space, ample parking, easy to get to) 
  6. Wedding invites (Not fussy about this. Simple poster style would be great!SMR has a few templates already) 
  7. Doorgifts. (Not fussy about this. Fmil wants additional berkats so she will purchase extra for her side. As for my side, my parents are ok with the food berkats that will be given by SMR)
  8. Entertainments (We love the idea of having a live band but our package already has DJ/Karaoke entertainment and the thing about SMR is that there is no reduction in prices. It could only be changed to food instead. As for Malay dance, beau’s mummy was thinking about it. Maybe I’ll probably get the group that my students are in or the one my friend’s in or maybe NTU malay dance cn?)

Anyway here’s some cute ideas of wedding invites for those who will be customising your own invites :

Invitation cards

For those who are curious in the kind of invitation cards that is included in the package by SMR. Beau and I met up with Zulamin for a quick chat & snapped this during the recent expo. 

Simple and nothing fancy, we’ll make do with it. As much as both of us and both our mummies are in love with all those unique and pretty wedding invites, our daddies felt that there is no point since people will end up throw it away. 

So for both bride & groom, we’re able to have 2 diff separate designs. I hope i can give some inputs on the designs. I want those botanical floral theme please. Or maybe something cute cartoon designs or probably those watercolour paint theme OR MAYBE just something simple and clean cut hahaha. If we are able to design it ourselves then I’ll probably want to create such designs 🙂


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