#weddingprioritiesseries2.videography #trustinHIM

& with that, #videographychecked! 

Both beau & I have streamlined the different vendors that we both love for our big day. And we have come to a conclusion that we will be getting r/e/drape projects for our big day, In Shaa Allah. 

Finally replied to their email on wednesday & set an appointment with them. We managed to get a slot on the same week and they were really fast in getting back to us! Most importantly, their place were super near to us as well! BEST. 

Beau even made a passing remark about how he loved that all of the vendors we have met are within our area @ the West side and not at the East! Alhamdulillah! 

We had a quick dinner after work & beau was saying if we can just come down and signed straightaway since we already take a look at the packages offered and made our decision! Haha but of course, we still have to listen to their conversation kan???

We were greeted by Rahim when we arrived & Nurul went through the packages with us.  Nurul then showed us their portfolio and we watched a few videos. Definitely am in love with their works! 

It’s good to prepare questions beforehand and have a rough idea of how your wedding will be like. 

  • 1 day event? 
  • Nikah timing? 
  • Combined / separate wedding? 

Based on all of these, Nurul told us that we can take the elegant 2.0 package. But, some clients want the interview section and thus would be taking the lush package. 


This is the quotation package we’ve received somewhere in July this year but on the day we were there, Nurul showed us the revised package. Prices are still the same except for the length of the full video and the no of hours for the lush package. 

For the lush 2.0 video package that nurul showed us this October, instead of 45 min it has changed to 30 mins for full video. The reason being is that 45 mins is too draggy and they want people to not get bored while watching the video. Hence, it is now at 30 mins. 

 So afterwards, we made our booking and sealed the deal. Another couple came over at 9pm but we were still going through the invoices and beau had some questions that he had in mind such as “Dyou have drones? Can we use it?” HAHA. What i love is the fact that despite making the booking already, Nurul did not rushed us to leave although there was another client waiting. Her husband, ayim, the videographer mingled with the other clients while we continued our discussions which also included about lesson plans and work as well as the pay increment for civil servants (that sadly, doesn’t apply to me because i’m still relatively new in the service. Haish. 4% is alot please. Tkpe la, no rezeki). This happens when you have two educators together! 

We took the post wedding interview option but we would most definitely want them to follow us for our outdoor shoot. In fact, as we also have pre/post wedding photoshoot with Esa weddings, they’re able to follow us as well. It would be for 2 hrs! & the good news is, they won’t be charging us extra should they follow us in to JB! But, should we decide to go to Melaka etc that is relatively far away, additional hourly charges still applies!

Anyways, we both walked off from their place with  sense of contentment. We are both absolutely confident that they can deliver their works as promised. Super excited please! Can we fast forward to 2017 already?! 

& most importantly, we trust Allah’s plans because not only I walked away with the dream videography vendor, but I now have a tutee! Alhamdulillah!  I was just thinking about doing private tuition on that day and Allah brought me to mine:) Literally left their place feeling so happy. #syukuralhamdulillah


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