We made our way to P/e/ti/Solek recently for our bridal appointment and lady boss y.a.n.a went through the packages with us. She told us that as our wedding will be a one day event it’s best to have 1 bridal vendor but if we do wants 2 vendors; its best to have a separate vendor for both nikah and sanding. 

That is the initial plan for both beau and I to have 2 diff vendors for nikah and sanding. We have been loving PS since like forever! My colleague had them when they first started out as y/aya was her relative & another NIE mate as well. Loved love their makeups and looks! 

So anyways if we only wanted them for nikah (6hrs)  this is the charges: 


We would need an additional top up of $60 for makeup as it will be done before 9am & most likely another $450 max (worst case scenario) for the R.D des. pieces. And for both beau and I we didn’t mind paying that extra money and going a little overbudget on bridal because it’s our dream vendor. The only thing holding us back is the fact that both MUA that i wanted is no longer available on my date 😔😔  both of us felt so bummed having to let go of them. But changing our dates is not feasible since we have booked our caterer & made the deposit of $5k. Oh wellies. 

I really love Q/e/e makeup as well as Y/a/y/a so not having them available on my wedding date kinda makes me feel a little sad. Yes the junior MUA is available but I prefer both senior MUA touch. Not saying that they’re bad, theirs is nice as well, it’s just my preferred choice. Since i’m one who has a preference for the MUA and the reasonably good reason to have 2 different bridal vendors since ours is a 1 Day event, it would be wanting to have my dream MUA. But, no dream MUA = Fiancé don’t find it worth it at all. He doesn’t mind though if I still wants to get PS. Haha. 

We both draft out an email saying that there’s a change in mind,we would like to engage their services last two days but when it eas time to hit send, my heart just wasn’t in it. Drama much? HAHA. But it’s ok… 

Oh wells. PS has been both of our bridal dream vendor for the two of us. We know we wanted them but we also wanted Tasha as well and thus the idea of having both as our bridal vendors came about. 

Tasha used to be from A/nggun before she decided to open up her own bridal company. She’d told me before when I booked her for my engagement last year about her plans and right after booking my caterer and confirming the date, I had already told her about it and she apparently soft booked it for me 🙂

So i guess, we are sticking to 1 vendor which we both love as well because as much as we want the best of both world, Allah is the best planner. Trust HIS plans:)



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