choosing the vendors 

Choosing & picking the right vendors are one of the most crucial and important decisions to be made. The right ones will help to ensure that the wedding event would be able to run smoothly. Before beau & I picked and streamlined our chosen vendors we took several (precautions/ steps).

Do take note that Beau & I have a wedding notebook and we have an excel spreadsheet on google document as well. We also have a wedding moodboard on the colour themes & feel that we want in our wedding which I have just made recently. Of course,  we wouldn’t be able to do our dream wedding which is a wedding by the sea for a small group of people but it is okay(our lifelong dream since dating days while in schl tau!). We are both pretty contentend & excited to get married to one another and that’s all that matters 💕

Anyway, here’s some tips/ guidelines that we abide to when choosing a vendor: 

1. The 3Rs.

3Rs bukan reduce, reuse & recycle ok!Haha.

It’s Research, Ranking & Recommendations  (dream vendors)

First and foremost, we will both do our homework in finding the right vendors for us. Most of the time, I will list down the different vendors and then we will both take a look at their portfolios online. Then, we will choose our favourites in order to streamline the number of vendor choices. 

This depends on your future husband as some guys tend to want to have the final say and be the one to choose the vendors. I do have a colleague of mine whereby her fiancé is the one who does most of the research & the one who decides the theme and look of the wedding. Super cute because during their appointment with D/aun D/Co, her fiancé was the one discussing on the layouts as well as the flower types etc that he wants. The fiancé was also the one who drew out their pelamin concept for the decor teams. My colleague, she only gave inputs on the colour themes mostly. Haha.  

Ok back to the main point, both myself and fiancé , we will both discuss our likes and dislikes as well as our expectations that we hoped to achieve or have in our wedding. It’s definitely important to be on the same page as our event is a combined wedding.  

For instance on videography, I didn’t mind having a standard videography but Mr Fiancé wants cinematography as he loves videos that tells a story. Personally, it is not that important to me but of course, we need to come to a compromise and thus, I agreed to cinematic videos.

We will also get recommendations from ex BTBs or relatives etc on the various vendors. Getting to know the experiences people had with the vendors is important. Questions about how they treat people behind the scenes and if they handle stress well can tell you a lot about the services. 

We both will then email and get quotations from a list of different vendors. We tend to then rank the vendors and stick to 3-5(max) vendors for comparison. Mostly, it’s just 3 vendors actually. 

2. Budget (affordability) 

Afterwards, we both will set a budget and write it down in our wedding book as well as on the google doc. It is very important to take note of the price of their services as well. From the quotations given, we will then picked out the ones that works within our budget or close to our budget. 
For instance, should our photography budget be at $2k, we will list down the vendors that quotes us less than $2k. We will also choose the vendors that are within a +$300 range above our budget. We will then compare the different vendors that we have highlighted.

We will then look at what can they offer  us based on the quotations. From the services, we will choose the ones that is deemed the best and right ones for us. We will rank the vendors according to our preferences as well.

Staying within budget is crucial to ensure that we do not overspend and will have enough money left after the wedding event. We are funding our own wedding and hence, budget is definitely important. 

In order to set aside the budget for each vendor, we definitely need to do a research on the market rates of such wedding services. We also need to prioritise and take note of the services that we would like to splurge on. For instance, some couples would love to splurge on bridal / food / locations etc. So it all depends on the couple’s preferences. 

3. Services / first impressions 

Next, we will take a look at the services provided by the vendors. 

Are they good? Easy to contact? Easy to talk to / liased with? Compatibility with couple?

I’ve heard of some stories from my friends who had trouble getting a hold of their vendors. Yes we do understand that some vendors are busy but sometimes after a pretty long time of about a month, they still do not update and get back to my friends. It is difficult of course because at times, the couple need the answers to plan out itineraries or to answer queries or to liase with other vendors. It doesn’t hurt to reply with a text that says I’ll get back to you soon or maybe something like I’ll ttyl? Correct?

I’d a friend who couldn’t get hold of her vendors for weeks & she was so fed up that she finally decided to text other vendors for quotations. She’d paid deposit to the vendor of course. Hearing such stories makes me feel much much wary of vendors actually.. That’s why the services renderes / first impressions means a lot to me. This again highlight the importance of recommendations from ex clients. 

Nevertheless, one has to take one’s word with a pinch of salt. Everyone has different experiences with different vendors. There is no one caterer, band, or florist that is perfect for everyone. Which is why chemistry and compatibility with the chosen vendor is key. Do take note of their work ethics and style of works as well.

We both look for a diverse portfolio when we chose our videographer. Even our videographer’s PR, was mentioning how their company caters to each and every single personality instead of having the same template or style of works for their videography.

Oh yes, do ask your vendors if they have worked with the other vendors that you have chosen. I’ve heard stories about how there are some who cannot work together and this is important because in order for a wedding to go on smoothly, one needs teamwork from everyone. 

Do ask your vendors if they have done weddings at the same venue as you did before too. In some cases, a vendor having an existing relationship with a venue can be a big plus. They’ll already know about any shortcomings and how to work around them. 
Most importantly, right after you have made your deposit and chose your vendors. You will definitely feel deliriously happy to a point that both you and your fiancé might do a little dance.

That’s the case for us. We will feel relieved and good about our choices. & a litte update for all of you, we have decided to push our dateline for choosing photo&videogaphy to this month! 

We have booked our videographer already & after seeing them, mr fiancé was deliriously happy sampai nak tolak i into the swimming pool all haha. 

Side track a bit, someone mentioned this to me: 

Never use all of the same vendors that a friend did ; it can leave your wedding feeling like a repeat. 

Well, I agree to disagree. What about you?


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