Video woes

  1. Red tape projects
  2. Pixelwave 
  3. The weekend affair 
  4. Videosmith 
  5. Once upon images 
  6. Bizkode 
  7. Bliss photo cinema (wayang bliss)
  8. Diziq vids motion pictures

Both beau & I have these vendors in mind for videography. We have asked for quotations and sat down with a few vendors though. 

These are the list of  vendors we have talked to / got their quotations from:

  • Redtapeprojects 
  • Pixelwave
  • Videosmith 
  • The weekend affair
  • Once upon images
  • Bliss photo cinema (Wayang bliss)
  • Diziq vids motion
  • D’shootz 
  • Reelwerkz production 

However out of this few, we really loved 

  1. Redtapeprojects 
  2. Once upon images (so close to securing them during the expo exhibition)
  3. Pixelwave

Finalising & choosing the videographers will be done by mr fiancé because he wants cinematography la apa la 😂  oh wells. I think this is seriously a big headache for us. Technically,it’s been relatively easy for us to choose our caterer, our bridal etc and this videographer issue is the most confusing one, so we shall see how. 

Initially our budget for videography was at $2k. & if possible we wanted both photo & video to be between $2.8-$3k. But since le fiancé wants it to be cinematic and what’s nots, we have upped the budget to $4k for both photography & videography. 

I think these is really important because photos & videos will last for a pretty long time and such memories could not be replaced. So we don’t mind forking out more money for good quality photo&videos as we didn’t love our engagement photography vendor which is d—– photography services. Sigh, still pretty bummed about it though. 


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