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I love love massages & spa. I think this is due to the fact that my mummy always bring me along to her massages session / spa session. I remembered my first proper spa session was when I was 13 years old and she brought me for a whole facial & massage + body scrub at the mall near my place.
From then on, I look forward to many other facial / spa sessions. Sometimes, my mummy will get the in house masseuse as well. I love it too since I’ll get a massage within the comfort of my own home 🙂

Anyways, I had a short getaway with my dearest colleagues and Kak A brought us to her all time fav spa. She has recommended it to me many times but since I’m with my family during the previous batam trips, I followed them to whichever spa that they went to. 

Bt this is the one of the good spas here in Batam that is in comparison to the ones I went in SG. One of the best that I’ve been to so far in Batam!

The spa that I am talking abt is Martha Tilaar Spa located at Nagoya:) 

Cleanliness & hygiene is their top most priority. Best of all each room comes with their own bath tub while couple room comes with a jacuzzi. I’ve been to a few spas and some doesn’t have a bathtub in the room so after scrubbing, there is a need to go next door to the toilet showering area. And some dont allow showering in the bath tub heh. Quite paiseyh cos despite the fact that there won’t be anyone and just the other masseuse around, like you know, still so paiseyh since we only have a piece of towel/kain batik tengah berkemban kann..

Bookings were made a week in advance via FB & best of all, they answered our queries really fast 🙂 


So before you start, you will be seated here and they will let you smell the different scrubs or herbs they used. Most of us took the Delima scented one because it’s super duper nice !! Btw they have a hair treatment saloon also. Esp for hijabis, this is super good & advisable for all of u :))) For the whole session of spa & hair treatment = 4.5hrs

 Walked up the stairs to another holding area for customers & was served lemongrass tea / ginger tea; your choice. 

All of us took separate individual rooms so here’s mine 🙂 

At the end of my whole spa session while I was in the bathtub tengah berendam for my milk bath.. 

The masseuse took abt 3 mins to strip that whole head massage towel area to a brand new piece which is good cos some spas don’t change it at all! 

Sauna’s located in the room too 🙂 after the scrub, bathe, sauna then massage & milk bath.

Most of us took the milk bath while F & Kak A took the rempah one. 
At the end of it, we were given body lotion and body mist as well.

Martha tilaar spa is definitely highly recommended. The setbacks that most of us felt were at a certain time before the milk bath, it was super cold when the slather their treatment on us. Usually for some other spas, their bed had those warming properties or they have a good kain blanket thingy for us. But for Martha tilaar they don’t have it & we were only wrapped in a piece of towel. Nevertheless, the aircon was able to be adjusted since it’s not the fixed kind so yay fr that 🙂

The only thing is for my spas that I frequent both in town and Citispa which is near my place, they have a corner of hairdryer combs etc. But here they don’t.. So for those who wore hijab they had to take the extra time to dry their hair. 

Overall, we are highly satisfied with the services & the next time we are here we would like to try the secret spa ! We made friends with this 2 other makciks while waiting for our turn and they’re from spore too. They told us that the secret is way better so next batam trip.. Gonna try it ;))

On a side note, the prices are without tax so here are the prices that I’ve snapped. Please bear in mind that this prices were taken on 10 June 2015 so there might be changes.

They also do offer packages such as 2D1N which includes accommodation too & even bridal & honeymoon packages :))

This is only applicable for kids below 7/6 years old I can’t recall 🙂

Mine is the Dewi Sri body bliss peach Delima & after tax it was about 650 000 RP. Without tax it’s at 588 000 RP.
I had also been to Eskaspa which is next o Martha tilaar with my family. Here at Eska there is a male masseuse. Personally, I prefer Martha Tilaar:) 

Eska spa:

Here’s the price list! 


Btw i have another 10 sessions of citispas and i am thinking of selling it off, if anyone is interested for their facials etc!


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