So my dearest girlfriend who is getting married next year 14th May whatsapped me on the decision making for the bridesmaid outfits. I will be the stage manager for her wedding and she was so cute too asking me what do I want to do and be on her wedding day 😂 so I told her let’s just stick to her original plan on wanting me to liase with the Emcee & handling the event timing making sure it runs smoothly on her big day. I am also tasked in helping to choose the bridesmaid outfit for her upcoming wedding. 

At first we thought of getting the same type of kain we purchased during another darling gf’s big day last Dec 2013. It was a georgette material with satin lining. For the previous bridesmaid duty for my other dearest clique, I had chosen georgette and satin as well hehe. Back to the main point, there’s a total of 9 outfits that my dearest good friend Ms S needed. So, I suggested for her to get poplook outfits and here’s the one she is looking into: 

We’re most likely taking the Grape coloured outfit! & most importantly these outfits can fit all of the body types since there’s some of us who are pregnant as well. 

& while looking through other sites, I found the perfect bridesmaid outfits for mine but it’s just too early for now since I have also not decided on the no. of bridesmaids that I would like to have. 

Hehe prolly gonna ask my other dearest Ms N who will be getting married next year December if she would like to get this as bridesmaid dresses for her wedding! Or I should just get one for my ownself since I really love love cape designs! 

Too pretty please 😍😍! To get or not to get, that is the question…


I am loving this as well and this is definitely cheaper by nearly half! OMG. Mad love!😍



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