Despite our wedding being held in 2017, we have more or less come to a conclusion on the no. of hantaran gifts for one another. Beau’s mummy had accompanied us to our appointment & she had also talked about the nikah timing and the hantaran gifts. 

We will be taking a break from vendor hunting from December onwards till probably May since most of major vendors list would have been settled by end Nov. Our booking of andaman services will be done by end of October after our peti solek bridal appointment! OMG! So exciting, can’t wait!! Then, it will be on photo&videography in the month of Nov. Afterwards it is time for us to shake our legs till next year. 

As our wedding will be a combined wedding and it will be held at the CC, my future mummy in law mentioned that we should not do any exchange of foods except for 1 which is the cake/pulut. For hampers as well, she does not think that it is necessary because since it is held at the CC, most relatives do not get a chance to pick and choose the food to bring home according to her. 

So anyways, her advice for us on the dulang gifts are these: 

From fiancé to myself

  1. Mas Kahwin + Hantaran 
  2. Wedding band 
  3. Handbag / Wallet 
  4. Telekung 
  5. Sejadah + Al-Quran 
  6. Kain (for hari raya) 
  7. Wedding shoes / makeup set
  8. Cake / Pulut 

From me to fiancé 

  1. Wedding band
  2. Laptop 
  3. Sejadah + Al-Quran
  4. Kain (for hari raya)
  5. Wedding shoes (for sanding) 
  6. Cake /  Pulut
  7. Perfumes / belt  

Alright, that’s it. I’m pretty stoked about the wedding gifts for one another though & beau couldn’t wait for it too! Beau’s mummy had asked us to purchase the gifts monthly and we could start end of this year but we shall see how! We’ll probably want to start looking around next year & make full use of the sale period! We both set aside a budget of $1-2k for our hantaran gifts not including the wedding bands. 

I really can’t wait to start shopping for the hantaran gifts because personally, I love to shop. Pretty much a shopaholic so I am super excited to start looking for gifts for myself! Hahah! Initially I’d wanted a chanel woc or gst for the handbag but as we would like to tour Europe In Shaa Allah for our honeymoon end of 2017, beau was thinking that we should get it there instead. So we shall see how, hehe. Afterall, the trip will only be 4 months after our wedding… So, no comments.


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