Wedding budget

I’m pretty sure most of you have seen this going around for quite some time already. & I happen to stumble upon this again while clearing my camera roll. 

Weddings are just super freaking expensive & I have always liked and loved the idea of a small seaside beach wedding with only the closest family members and friends. But that is not the case for Malay weddings. You have to invite your second cousin second aunty & the whole of the extended family because if you don’t, they’re going to get upset. During my engagement, my mum’s aunties were not quite happy that they were not invited to my engagement. It was just a small affair amongst both my parent’s siblings and my cousins. My dad already has a huge family as he has a total of 16 siblings not including himself. Heh, oh wells. 

Back to the main point, as both beau and myself will be paying for our own wedding, we have a budget in mind. For a combined wedding of 1500 pax in total, we would like to keep it to within $35-38k. As of now, we had already hit the $30k mark on just catering, decor (SMR wedding services) as well as pre/postwedding shoot! This is indeed truly scary because I do not wish to exceed our budget. SIGH.


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