Bridal Woes

I have absolutely no idea on who should I pick for my bridal. At the start of the year, initially, I had wanted peti solek, Nawarrah & Ishq by Nora Zee. But now,  i’d streamlined it to just Nawarrah & Petisolek. 

I know I am going to choose Nawarrah Bridal. But as of now, I am unsure if I should also engage Peti Solek and have the best of both worlds. I’d known Natasha for quite some time since secondary school and have followed her works for a pretty long time. Her makeup has always been perfect & thus, she was my MUA during my engagement. But, petisolek has always been my love ever since my friend engaged them for her weeding in end of 2012. Yaya happens to be her relative & her makeup is also on point. Should i be taking peti solek, I am definitely taking Qee as my MUA!

I will definitely need 3 outfits from the bridal company since I am not going to be tailoring my own baju nikah. & these are just some of my colour choices for both nikah as well as the cake cutting session. For the traditional songket outfit, beau & I have decided to choose a brigh coloured songket. So here’s some of my bridal style / colour style / fashion style that I loved & I have included in the wedding moodboard





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